Let's Create A Beautiful World

Enabling education to everyone because it is the only way we can change the world.

What is Uthavi?

We are a Bootstrapped NGO built with the huge vision of enabling education for everyone.
We try to identify deserving students who need financial support and fund their studies.

How do we select beneficiaries?

We wish to help all students in their educational journey, but during the initial stages we focus only on students who are without one or both of their parents and who need financial support for their education.

How does Uthavi work?

1 — Refer a deserving student

If you know a good student who needs financial support, you can refer here. The student can themselves register their details as well.

2 — Review Process

Our internal team will contact the students, verify the details and approve the application.

3 — Fees will be Paid

The fees of the students for their education will be paid to the institution.

Partner with us

Alone we can do very little. But together we can do so much.

We do not solicit finances from anyone but we request you to share your valuable time and experience in referring students or in helping us in this process.

Enabling Education to Everyone

Let's educate and make the world a better place!

With the help of God, George and Suresh want to do something for deserving students who need financial assistance for continuing their studies. Together, these childhood friends have a huge vision to touch billions of people’s lives and make a meaningful impact. They have bootstrapped a million-dollar company called MacAppStudio and built a great people-first culture.